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Wondering what Suzerain is? Click the link and let the wiki tell you!

     For Suzerain, realms are the fundamental unit of geography on a universal scale. They represent places where things happen at a certain point in time or era. Victorian Europe and modern Europe are different realms as a result.

     The cosmos of Suzerain can be divided into two halves: the mortal realms, made up of the physical world and its spirit world analog on the one hand, and the Maelstrom's immortal realms on the other.

     The realms of Suzerain are grouped together into four 'families':

     Timeline realms cover Earth up to today, and a little into the future, to the point where mankind discovered Pulse and through the Pulse War that followed. SuzeWiki pages linked specifically to the Timeline realms are marked with this symbol:


     Elements realms cover the quadrants of Earth once it was divided by the Barriers, includes the time when the Barriers came down and up to the point where mankind left the planet to colonize other worlds for the first time. SuzeWiki pages linked specifically to the Elements realms are marked with this symbol:


     Catalyst realms cover everything thereafter, from the moment mankind settled other worlds through to the End Times. SuzeWiki pages linked specifically to the Catalyst realms are marked with this symbol:


     Maelstrom realms are the immortal realms of the gods and other beings of divine power. As such, they're outside the normal flow of mortal time. SuzeWiki pages linked specifically to the Maelstrom realms are marked with this symbol:


Did You Know?

     1. The Maelstrom is a part of Suzerain's cosmos that has no physical existence per se, no land, no water, no trees and grass and rock and dirt. It is a mere chaos of energy, constantly in motion, a far flung part of the spirit world that has no correspondence to any reality we know and is shielded from mortal time by the Veil.

     2. In the Catalyst realm of Garden Of Athena, King Telemachos of Methone was rumored to have an affair with the beautiful Selena wife of his childhood friend, Isocrates.

     3. In the Elements realm of Relic, Paluu The Vivisector was a pale and scarred Valon who had taken a barbarian name meaning ‘Most Feared’. Paluu’s purview was the sale of illegal drugs and black alchemical concoctions.

     4. We have a long heritage of putting hidden secrets into Suzerain. For example? Well, check out our American Grit Easter Eggs page!

There's a set of three short stories by Eric Kahn on the Suzerain Wiki, set in the Timeline realm of American Grit. You can find the first one by clicking here.

     5. In the Elements realm of Untamed Empires, the Empire Of The Dawn was ruled by the family line of Domire. As a result, their subjects were commonly known as 'Domirians'.


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