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Garden of Athena is a far future realm of Suzerain, part of the Catalyst family of realms. Ashtorm is one of the many barbarian gardens colonized by the Athenians.


Scouts confirmed the location of this garden-planet in 2162 and it was colonized in 2173ac. It is most famous for its continent spanning desert and its deadly beasts.


      Ashtorm has four large continents, one on at each pole and two closer to the equator with most of their landmass north of it.

      The two polar continents are frozen wastelands uninhabited by humans.

      The other two continents lie close together and a massive desert lies across the center of both. This continent spanning desert is what have made Ashtorm famous and it is a beautiful sight to behold from orbit. Closer up, however, the desert has all the welcoming charm of the burning, dry hell it is.

     Away from the desert Ashtorm is quite pleasant, and the majority of the population lives along the fertile southern coasts of the two continents.

Ancient History

      There were several distinct cultures inhabiting Ashtorm prior to the arrival of the Athenians. From the few historical artifacts that pre-dates the Athenian arrival it seems that most of them were actually remnants of an ancient empire that collapsed in some sort of dark age, leaving the survivors with a significant drop in technology and civilization.
      Some Athenian historians have speculated that Ashtorm somehow suffered from their own version of the Curse of Kings.

     Whatever the reason, the lack of a written evidence has made it hard to discern truth from legend when it comes to ancient Ashtormian history. Add to that the fact that most of the Ashtorm tribes had wildly different myths and stories and often put much more emphasis on religious and philosophical education than on history.

     What is certain is that by the time the Athenians arrived, the human tribes were in danger of being wiped out by the constant attacks of Sand Beasts and the many other deadly monsters.

Modern History

      The colonization of Ashtorm was at first peaceful, many of the local barbarians were more interested in the potential protection the Athenians offered against the many dangerous beasts of the Garden, than they were in keeping their independence.

     Only when the Athenians managed to make large areas of the garden relatively safe did the locals start to resist the invaders. A few uprisings at first, but over the decades the support for the rebels grew in step with people forgetting how things had been before the Athenians arrived.

     During the last days of the Sakalid War a well organized rebellion threatened to overrun the depleted colonial forces of the warring city states. Only after a heroic battle where every Athenian poleis with soldiers left on Ashtorm cooperated and joined forces, did they crush the rebellion.

     During the rebellion many Athenian weapons and suits of armor had fallen into the hands of the locals, and when the rebel forces were scattered many of these weapons remained unaccounted for. Armed with the Athenian weapons the local rebels could survive in the deserts despite the many dangerous animals.

     Today the population on Ashtorm is divided between the subdued slaves and servants of the Athenians and the wild and unruly desert tribes that still harbor a dream of throwing out the invaders.

Special Dangers:

Children of the Empress

      A groups that struggles to reshape the lost empire of the past. They have strong support in the lowlands, but also some fanatic mountain tribes support them. Few of the desert or horseman tribes appreciate the group, though they will not actively work against it.

The Desert Tribes

      The most famous of the Ashtorm tribes are the desert tribes. They are an amalgamation of other cultures, and a relatively new addition to Ashtorm, dating only back a couple of generations.

Dust Dragons

      These creatures are huge flying beasts that resemble a mix between a pterodactyl and a raptor. Luckily they are relatively rare and often spend most of their time hunting small prey, but when famished they can attack humans with ferocious fury. Their scales are as tough as bio-ceramics

Sand Beasts

      These monsters resemble huge gorillas with beige scales instead of hair and spiked bony outcrops instead of hands. They usually travel in packs of five to ten, but even larger groups have been known to gather for what can mostly be described as war bands. They actively hunt to kill other living creatures, but seem to prefer humans.


      One of the deadliest beasts on Ashtorm this creature has the body of a huge lion, an almost human-like face at the end of a relatively long neck and a massive tail with deadly spikes. Though it can claw at smaller pray with its claws, the true danger of this creature is its tail. Swung like a mace it can kill an elephant in one blow, and it the manticore is also able to throw the spikes against targets at a distance. The spikes are curved and weighted like throwing knives and their rotation gives them a stable flight. Such is the power of the spikes that even a hoplite armor can be pierced if hit at full force.

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