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Athens, The Garden Of Athena

Garden of Athena is a far future realm of Suzerain, part of the Catalyst family of realms.
Central to this realm is the garden-planet of Athens and its inhabitants.

Athens, the Garden of Athena, was the home of the Athenians. It was the center of culture and civilization in the Athenian Hegemony.

The planet Athens had one large landmass divided into the three continents of Hyperborea, Peleponnesos and Chios and three lesser continents, Epirus, Crete and Naxos.
While there was a small frozen ice cap on the north pole, the south pole was largely ice-free except for the coldests three months of the year. The tilt of the planet towards Helios (the sun) was about 20%.

Time on Athens
The planet had 368 days of 24 hours. The Athenian Calendar was divided into 4 seasons of 92 days – spring, summer, autumn, winter(first day of spring was considered the first day of the new year); each season was divided into 4 months of 23 days. Each month is divided into two "weeks" or half-months of 10 days. Unless there were other religious holidays, each month had three days of rest: the 1st, 12th and 23rd. That gave the Athenians two days rest at the end and beginning of each month, and a single rest day in the middle of each month.

The moon (Selene) of Athens was about 1/5 the size of the garden itself, but only a fraction of the mass, so while there were tides on Athens, they were much less dramatic than on some garden-planets with heavier moons. No large permanent settlement was ever made on the moon since the surface was too powdery and few useful resources could be found there.

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