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     Austeria was the main continent of the Relic realm, part of the Elements family of realms. Characterized by its mighty peaks and endless steppes, the Great Expanse and the desert of the Wild-Scarred Lands, beyond the ocean were also distant islands settled by the Aquasaar people, and the mysterious continent of Lian.

     Austeria went through three ages of history. By the Third Age the land was talked about as having three parts:

Third Age geography of Austeria

     On the riseward side of the JOrna River were the Wild-Scarred Lands, home of the Imperial Ministry?.

Between the Jorna and Lehr rivers lay the Great Expanse, where the Trader Imperium had fallen at the end of the Second Age.

Finally, beyond the Lehr River on the setward side was the Valon? empire and the lands of the minor kingdoms.

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