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Behind Enemy Lines

     In the realm of Shan State, 1999 was the year when the SPA and its equivalent organizations around the world discovered the true scale of the covert ops they were engaged in. This wasn’t just supernatural terrorism, but something much much more.


     While the average person was clucking about the Millennium and whether his computer would survive ‘Y2K’, hundreds of government agents were fighting their biggest covert operation against the supernaturals, trying to keep the existence of vampires, werewolves, and many other horrors out of the public consciousness.

     In 1999 the SPA got contacted by the Chinese state secret service. Shocked that the Chinese even knew of the SPA’s existence, Director Carlyle? was initially wary, but their intel was vital in the covert war she was orchestrating… and losing. She agreed to meet her opposite number in Beijing, where she learned that the Chinese had the same problem as America – an infestation of supernatural beings intent on infiltrating every layer of society.

     There was some good news, though. The supernaturals had a base of operations, which Carlyle had suspected for some time, but the Chinese had uncovered its location. Deep in the heart of Burma’s opium country, masquerading as a local warlord’s villa, a wizard was organizing the movements of the enemy operatives. China’s forces were at stretching point already, but Beijing could exert pressure on the Burmese military junta to allow a foreign covert team into their country.

     Carlyle assembled her best black ops team with two objectives – to assassinate the wizard and destroy the base if possible. When they got behind enemy lines and carried out their mission, though, they found a situation that expanded the SPAs previous operations into a true invisible war.

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