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Cain City Lawmen

Texas, 1934

     Ace leaned back in his chair, smiling and nodding his head. He'd always trusted Bullet's judgment and the guy he'd brought into the warehouse looked to be up to any challenge. Besides, in a single poker hand the guy had taken a hundred dollars out of Ace’s pocket – something that didn’t happen often.

     Ace liked to see how a guy handled himself in choppy waters. His father had always told him the only trustworthy man was one who could steer the boat when it was upside down.

     I sure hope you can kill Raptor. Ace looked him in the eyes, rolling the cigar back to the other side of his mouth, letting ash fall where it would, sizing Harrison up.

     “Come with me.” Ace stood and walked through a doorway into a hall. Harrison followed, stuffing money into his pockets.

     “Let's talk business.” He turned around a left corner and opened a door, walking into the shadows beyond. Harrison walked in and a light flickered on, illuminating only the center of the room. Ace was shuffling through some papers, found what he was looking for and brought them to the table directly under the light. He pushed a photograph forward for Harrison to see.

     “This is Raptor. He's been a member for a long time, and he knows his stuff. Unfortunately he's become rather... rowdy. A bit too disrespectful. You see, the Brotherhood isn't about having power and doing what you want. It's called the 'Brotherhood' for a reason. I may be the boss, but that doesn't put me above anyone else—it just makes me the one who keeps everything running. Sometimes that means tough choices.” He pushed forward another piece of paper.

     “This is where Raptor lives. I want you to make sure that he’s... removed from the premises. In fact, remove him from Cain City.”

     Harrison picked up the photo. “You want me to kill this man?”

     “If that’s what it takes,” and I know it will, he added silently. “Yes. He’s caused problems among his fellow Brothers and we don’t need internal issues when the real problems are out there.

     “Consider your winnings tonight as a down payment. I'll give you another three hundred when you come back with proof.”
Harrison put the photo back on the table and thought for a minute.

     “Why don't you just confront him and kill him, or force him to leave?”

     “I want it sorted with the least amount of fuss. The guys back there are my closest crew, but I need this one done by someone who’s not a Brother.” Ace held his hand out to shake on it. And in case you fail I need to make sure you can’t give him any evidence.

     Harrison and Ace shook hands, and the deal was done.

3 of 3 in a series of short tales by Eric Kahn, set in the American Grit realm. You can go back to the first one by clicking here.

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