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Celestial Map

     The Suzerain universe is a complex mix of places and times. In fact, it’s every place and every time. In fact, it stretches outside of time as we know it. In fact, it stretches beyond the idea of ‘places’ as we know it.

     Suzerain defines locations as realms, whether they’re mortal realms or immortal realms. Figuring out what realms exist can be tough, which is where the Celestial Map comes in. You can see the map on the Welcome page of this website. It’s the main image on the page, full of intriguing links to click on.

     The map shows all the realms that the ‘powers that be’ are focusing on at the moment – that would be us. Other realms are important, of course, but those featured on the map are the ones that are getting the closest attention at the time, and they’re where the newest content is being generated in the SuzeWiki, by and large.

     As such, expect the Celestial Map to change over time, to morph as different realms rise and fall in the grand scheme of things. We’re not planning on ever removing content, but the Celestial Map gives a fair indication of where we’re generating new content.

So how does it work?

     The Celestial Map is a take on the Time Bandits map, if you will (if you don't know that movie, you really should check it out - an oldie but goldie), a way to graphically show the linking of abstract places in time and space which have no normal linkage, no roads between them, just portals to get from the Maelstrom to each of them. It's not a map in the classic sense, more of a mind map of the various realms we're developing (and here's where we should check you're familiar with mind maps - no? Do a quick Google for it).

     The way it works is something like this: the immortal realms of the gods sit in a far corner of the spirit world called the Maelstrom, which is outside of mortal time and space. There's a Veil between the mortal and immortal, with portals through it. Thus, a person travelling from the Maelstrom could get to many different mortal realms through these portals. Some of them are linked to each other too. The linkages on the 'map' show the thematic links between realms.

     Realms cluster in groups. The Elements group are all realms on Earth at the same time, each taking up a quarter of the planet with impenetrable barriers between them to stop normal mortals crossing between them. Relic, Untamed Empires, Wilderlands, Enigma and Gatherall are the five quarters of the planet at a particular point in time (yes, ignore Gatherall from that perspective - it's not really a quarter, but that's not important now). Together they're the Elements group of mortal realms.

     Then there's Timeline, which is the huge group of realms covering all of man's history up to the middle of the 21st century when the Pulse War starts (that's a real defining event for Suzerain).

     Then there's Catalyst, the huge group of realms that covers everything once mankind gets off the planet, centuries after the War - basically any science fiction setting you can think of.

     And finally there are the immortal realms I mentioned, sitting in the Maelstrom, the god realms. They can be places of adventure too, even though they're outside of normal time and space.

     By having one enchantingly beautiful image as a mind map of all that, we can save having to put it in words and simply have it in the background, subtly linking the maps from each realm.


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