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Community Content: Imperial Ministry

The Imperial Ministry is part of the Elements realm of Relic, located on the continent of Austeria.

The Imperial Ministry

     Bordered on the dextral side by the Jorna Peaks; to the nistral side by the Ocean; to the riseward side by the Wild? Wastes; to the setward side the Great Expanse, The Imperial Ministry sits like a violent sore on the land. Military by nature the massive army of citizens is prepared to go wherever their orders lead them, for whatever purpose.

     After the War Of The Wild the remnants of the first Caladon, came together and forged their lives together from scratch as the Imperial Ministry. Ruled by the Prophet, it is a dark shadow of Caladon, a land of slavers and bloody rule by an unforgiving hierarchy. Yet it keeps to itself mostly, occasionally foraying across the river into the Great Expanse in search of fresh slaves.

     The Ministry tends to leave the rest of Austeria alone, its lust for revenge pushing it out into the Wastes. Many upper caste members have begun returning to the lands of old Caladon, though towns are rare to find.

Imperial Ministry Religion

     The Ministry follows a very tight superstitious regimen, with evil and dangerous magic afoot in the night. As a slave, you could either follow the orders, or enjoy restless nights of... fun. As a slaver, the upper castes of the Ministry were second only to the Prophet, who reigned over all with his Mighty Word.

     Magic was open to all castes over slave. Magic was always used to torture and hurt, keeping the slaves in line. The Prophet had the final word on any disagreement and his magic easily overtook anything the middle castes could throw at him.

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