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Community Content: Siege of Garris

Garris was a gigantic trade center in the Elements realm of Relic. During the War Of The Wild the final stand was taken against the Warlocks in the city.

Accounts from the battle

"...There are so many evils in the world unleashed upon the city. I hear terrible screams. I've heard the stories about the Imperium?, about the barbarians. I've seen the dead in the road. The siege has been constant for almost three days now, and each day the Wild are strong as ever while we continue to dwindle..."

"...died today. I saw Maener take a lance too. I don't think he'll make it. There are rumors that a powerful mage is coming to help us, and bring powerful weapons for us..."

"...The Aquasaar arrived today, thank the gods! We have lost so much, and I doubt I would have seen tomorrow if it were not for the Aquasaar. They brought with them amazing weapons of power, far beyond our own. When the Aquasaar saw the damage the Wild has done firsthand they immediately demonstrated their unhappiness. The Siege has been broken in our darkest hour!..."

     Met with the final battle at Garris, the men and women left to defend themselves (and a small number it was) were united with the Aquasaar and the siege of Garris began to turn around. With the siege broken and the new weapons from the Aquasaar, the forces of courage became enough to push the Wild back and eventually lead to the end of the War Of The Wild.

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