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Community Content: Su-Ming Sywan

     Su-Ming Sywan was born in the city of Fengdu, China. While the year of her birth is somewhat lost, she opened her eyes for the first time on the fifteen day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, at the height of the Ghost Festival.

Su-Ming Sywan

Early years

     As a young child, she was sometimes seen speaking to no one and listening to noise when even the wind was quiet. Her grandmother soon realised that there might be more to it than just the vivid imagination of a little girl. She arranged to send Su-Ming to the city of Shanghai where she knew of a wise man well versed in the world of spirits. Her suspicions turned out right and soon her granddaughter was learning how to prepare and consume concoctions assisting her in reaching out to her deceased ancestors, as well as those of others. Working around a shamanic ritual circle, she mastered the art of mystical drumming... so well that it was said she could channel her Pulse through the notes themselves and turn the sound into a dangerous rhythm, as deadly as a machine gun.

     While she enjoyed her lessons, Su-Ming quickly grew bored of keeping company with an old hermit all day long and eventually she began to sneak out at night to join the local kids in their juvenile mischief, usually disguising herself as a boy to fit in properly. With them, she learned how to hide well among shadows, be silent while sneaking around, and how to open locked doors.

     One thing led to another and she eventually found herself going from trouble-making to saving the day, using her skills with both the spirit world and thievery. Going up the ladder at a much faster pace than most adventurers, becoming a Hero while still in her early teenage years. Her aging process slowed, and her body stayed young while she crossed time and space on many adventures, to the point that even as she reached demigodhood, while her mind was in its early twenties, she still appeared to be a child in her twelfth or thirteenth year.

     Identifying herself as being from Shanghai before anywhere else, it was an obvious choice for her to dedicate herself to one of the local gods. The mystical, elegant wisdom of Crane on the Mountaintop appealed to her and young Su-Ming forged a strong bond with the deity.

Travelling companions

     While she began exploring the world around her with other people, she ended up with a strange mixture of companions all coming from Shanghai as well, although from different eras.

     Huo Zangyu, also known as Zang: The Captain was a very colourful character who put honor high on his list of virtues. Before or after that, came his love for shiny objects, golden trinkets and priceless gems. He was said to be from the 1700s when his war junk was well known in Chinese waters, or at least around Shanghai, for resisting foreign pirates and imperial fleets from the far occident. In reality, though, he first took to the seas much earlier, back in the 1400s. His junk was recreated in the Maelstrom where Zang and the other companions lived while in-between worlds. For a while, he was torn between serving Dragon of the Bund and Rat on Wharf, but knew in his heart that one day he would need to make his allegiances clear - gods are not known for their patience in the ways of mortals.

     Lin Huan: Always properly dressed, she was a serious and analytical woman possessing immense knowledge with computers. Born in the second half of the 20th century, she studied in the US as well as her home city of Shanghai, yet it was her presence at the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 which turned her into a hardened dissident, idiologically opposed to the Communist dictatorship of her country. Lin was the planner of the group, the organizer, the structured thinker with a cautious streak in complete opposition with Zang's brash, bold nature. Su-Ming would sometimes enjoy pushing Lin's limits, smiling when hearing that familiar sigh after one of the companions messed up their carefully-laid plans.

     Master Dzong?: The venerable master was from a much advanced time in history, born in the 26th century. He was also older than any of them, both in terms of his physical body and in the number of years he wandered the Maelstrom before joining up with the others. Still, though, he was a child of Shanghai, and a master of the martial arts. A vision of calm, it was still always surprising for his companions to witness his actions when he was acting in a way to make his god proud... and Master Dzong was close friends with Temple Monkey, the practical joker of the local Shanghai gods.

Su-Mings Telesma

Prepared for the travels ahead

     An adult mind in a child’s body with the soul of a trickster, Su-Ming seemed to sometimes forget which one to act accordingly to. She could be very childish, sucking noisily on her lollipop to irritate Lin even in the worse moment, then the next she would muster up more courage than a child could and sneak through enemy lines to scout ahead and report her findings to her companions.

     Her Telesma was a cloudy moonstone in which, if one was very observant, could be seen a tiny nest. She wore it in her hair, usually tied around one of her pigtails.

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