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Contact Us

     We consider ourselves pretty friendly people, here at Savage Mojo. We also like to get feedback on what we're doing, both good and bad. The good feedback tells is that we're on the right track (and everybody likes to hear they're appreciated, right?), while the bad feedback tells us what we can improve. And we have a history of listening to what people say.

     Obviously, we'd like all comments to be constructive, and don't stand for any type of abuse, but apart from that, please feel free to tell us anything you want, to share your Suzerain experiences with us, and to become a part of the family if you'd like.

Where to find us

     There's normally somebody on social media sites at any hour of the day, so you can get hold of us there.

     We're also available by email, if you'd like your communication to be private. Just drop us a mail at the following address, and give us a day or two to get back to you:

     hello <at sign> suzerain <dot> info

     We try to respond as quickly as we can, but occasionally we get slowed down while we're in the middle of a big project, so there might a couple of days' delay.

     We don't believe in automated tech support and forms you have to fill in. Every request gets dealt with by a human being. You don't have to register on the SuzeWiki or shop to talk with us if you don't want to. We value your words too much for that.

     Happy Suzeraining!

     Miles M Kantir
     Suzerain Lead Developer
     Savage Mojo


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