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Count Fortie Fairfax

     Born in Yr184 of the Third Age of the Relic realm, Forthesque Fairfax was the eldest child of a famous Caladonian monster slayer. Count Ballard Fairfax died at the hands of a sea demon in Yr207, leaving the family lands to Fortie. Fortie was destined for bigger things, though, and would lead the Fairfax Fellowship to great adventures!

Early years

Count Fortie Fairfax

     As a young Caladon nobleman, Fortie was a relaxed man, keen to continue his family’s heritage as great monster slayers. The family lands lay a few days downriver of Garris, giving the youngster access to both rural and urban environments as he grew and learned about the world. By his teenage years he was hunting marsh spiders and attic crawlers with equal skill. Trained in the use of the family’s signature weapon, the blood iron barb, he could throw one barb, draw another, and set it as a lance while charging an opponent. And the bigger the enemy, the happier Fortie was.

     Tragically, his father died while on an expedition, leaving Fortie the family title at the age of 23. He settled into the business of administrating the local lands, but largely handed those responsibilities to his siblings whenever a wild creature came from the Great Expanse and gave him an excuse to saddle his stead, Silverwind, and break out the barbs once again.

     After an incident where the younger son of the local Sykes family, Barnaby, was trampled by a mountain rhino, Fortie and his assembled group of companions chose to investigate other child deaths and kidnappings in the local area, which led them to Garris at the end of Yr208.

Traveling companions

     As a teenager, Fortie was assigned a personal valet who would act as his bodyguard and attempt to prevent the impetuous nobleman from getting himself skilled. The stalwart barbarian dwarf, Ned Basalt, was chosen for the task, and over the course of many years became a close friend to the Count.

     At about the time of the rhino hunt, Ned’s disgraced sister, Jozena, joined the group. Jo proved to be a capable scout, always watching the backs of the other companions in case of attacks from the shadows.

     'Nan' Agetha was the midwife who brought Fortie into the world. A wise woman from the local community, Agetha was a friend of the woods who, together with her bear Carlan, added much needed healing skills to the companions… especially for Fortie, who was always getting himself into scrapes despite Ned’s best efforts. As time went by, it became clear that 'Aggie' was more than just an old healer. She was a full member of the Caladon Mages Guild?, with a full repteroire of spells to her name.

     The Valon? orator Quintus Aurelius met Fortie in Garris, and soon became the speaker for the group. Where Fortie could be brash and arrogant, Quin had a way with people, calming inflamed situations and passionately getting across the needs of his companions. Originally he helped out in tracking kidnapped children, doing his duty to help the innocents of the world, but stayed on afterwards to become a vital part of an eclectic team as it formed into a formidable adventuring group.

     Eleanor Snapdragon was in Garris when the young Count arrived, and looked like she was going to be down on her luck, out of money with no work to do. Fortune smiled on her, though, as it always seemed to, and she found herself a role as part of the group’s hunt for a particular child kidnapper, on the payroll of the City Watch. Much like Quin, once the investigation was concluded, she remained with the group and became a vital part of the team. Over time, her skills with a bow and her extraordinary good luck became feature the others relied on more and more.

Heading for adventures further afield

     As a young nobleman, Fortie Fairfax always looked the part. With polished chainmail and a slightly haughty demeanor, the family crest emblazoned on his chest and a magnificent warhorse, he was every part the questing noble. Yet he also had a tendency towards single-mindedness on the battlefield, charging the largest and most dangerous adversary in the name of family honor, irrespective of those around him. He’d been brought up to believe in a glorious death in battle against a greater foe (he particularly dreamed of earning a true dragon’s head), and the hint of a death wish tended to make him a less charismatic leader as a result. Indeed, he was perfectly happy to let Quintus do the talking as long as he got to do the fighting.

     And there was plenty of that to come.

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