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Crystal Pigeons

Garden of Athena is a far future realm of Suzerain, part of the Catalyst family of realms. In this realm, the Athenian Hegemony was constantly crisscrossed by a network of messenger space ships delivering information from one colony garden to another at faster than light speeds. These messenger space ships were commonly called Crystal Pigeons.

Crystal Pigeons

When the Athenians began expanding into space they quickly became aware of the problem of passing information across the vast distances of time and space. At times it could take several months for vital information to reach the proper authorities, and months again before decisions reached the people who needed to know them.
     While this did give a considerable level of freedom from political influence to the early colonists, it was unacceptable for the leaders back on Athens, who needed a steady flow of information to keep control with the ever growing number of colonies.
     The solution was to build smaller, cheaper crystal drive ships, that would only hold a handful of people or even just a single Logician-navigator and have them run well known routes where they would need only the occasional correction to their triangulation.
     These specialized crystal drive ships quickly became known as Crystal Pigeons.
     As the resources of many of the minor poleis of Athens became stretched thin, many of them found new uses for their crystal drive ships as Crystal Pigeons, working for the richer poleis. This way they did not lie idle simply because the polis could not find the necessary resources to mount an expedition.
     Over time many minor poleis gained a virtual monopoly on this service, especially with the delivery of non-sensitive. State secrets were still usually passed on by trusted messengers, even if the Crystal Pigeons gained a reputation for absolute trustworthiness, even in the face of death.

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