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Invisible War

     In the realm of Shan State, the year 2000 had more than its fair share of fireworks… and fireballs! What had started as a series of covert ops now risked the life and liberty of everyone on the planet.


     Supernatural creatures had been a part of mankind’s history for as long as anyone can remember. But they’d always stayed in the shadows, never more than fairy tales and ghost stories to scare the kids. At the turn of the new Millennium though, there was a genuine risk that the average man on the street was about to get a wake-up call.

     Under the rough, dusty mountains on the border between China and Burma, a portal? had opened, and wave after wave of supernatural beasts poured through. The Chinese army fought on the front line, containing as many as possible while the secret service arranged for the world’s media to look the other way. It was a suitably remote place for the largest show of military force in over fifty years, against the most remarkable enemy the mankind had ever seen.

     Occasionally a vampire or other being would get through the machinegun nests, armor, and massed infantry, at which point agencies like the SPA would try to hunt them down, before they became front page news around the globe. But as the tide of trolls, ogres, and other magical enemies put an ever-increasing strain on the military units, it became clear that someone would have to venture under the mountains and seal the portal, once and for all.

     An elite SPA unit was already on the border, having carried out another mission behind enemy lines, and instead of getting extracted and sent home, they received new orders. A suicide mission on behalf of all humanity.

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