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Jiang Brothers Carnival

     For those coming to Columbia, Missouri in 1934, they might happen up a ‘Carnival of Wonders’ on the northern edge of town, in Strawberry Park. Jiang Brothers Carnival is a location from the Timeline realm of American Grit.

All Mysteries Revealed, Oriental And Occidental

      The carnival was set up on the north edge of town, surrounded on all four sides by a tall, white picket fence. The entrance gaped under an arched sign that promised to reveal 'all mysteries,' and a ticket booth on either side kept watch over the comings and goings. The big top and a ferris wheel rose into view well above the fence. Another gate could be found on the north end, but it was for staff use only, and always attended by at least two carnies, plus whoever else happened to be near the trailers.

     Once inside, though… it was one heck of a rollercoaster ride, especially for any government agents foolish enough to come asking questions, poking their nose in honest carnie business.

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