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Legions Of Valon

The following is an account of Valon from Legatus Publius Sentius Triarius of the Sixteenth Legion. Welcome to the Elements realm of Relic, just after the War Of The Wild in Yr208.

Legions of Valon

     Our Legions of Valon? are unique. We are a hybrid: both police and soldiers. We steel ourselves against all things. Ours is a great and glorious empire. Ironically, we have the War Of The Wild to thank for our current strength. We once raised legions only when needed. Every man and older boy would rally to the cause, buying or forging their own spears and shields, with the women stitching padding to leather armor and fashioning helmets from whatever they could. The Warlocks ensured we learned lessons we’d never forget.

     Politics, ever the playground of the wealthy and powerful, delayed our legions’ deployment. We arrived none too soon. Alongside warriors from all the civilizations of Austeria, we halted the assault by the murdering Warlocks. Ah, to have been part of those forces! The Caladon Kingdom was hardest hit. My homeland escaped the worst of it, being behind the mighty Lehr River?, but we supported the Caladonian knights. To do otherwise would have been our shame. Still, many of our own gave their lives, and today we annually honor them.

     After that, we regrouped and retooled our defenses. We set a new order to the legions and created a standing force to protect our holdings and interests. Each legion is broken down into units with leaders, which are further subdivided to allow for mobility and utility to a degree we’d never before dreamed. I command over 1,000 active legionaries at any time. If threatened, our ranks could swell ten times with auxiliaries and militiamen.

     The Senate passed an edict that all adult citizens would serve a compulsory year in the legion, during which time they would forsake all other duties for the welfare of Valon. Only the elderly and infirm were exempt. There were many tasks necessary for the creation of a reformed defensive strength. Everyone submitted to basic training in the art of swordplay and shielding, as well as archery, throwing, and riding. All were mandated to learn letters and numbers, as well as some elementary field aid for the wounded. I owe my own life to that policy.

     Gymnasiums served as training and recruiting stations. Gymnasiarchs would identify each initiate’s strengths and distinguish the person for specialized duties. During restructuring, the Emperor and Senate sat with the Legatus Legionis to work out a deployment plan for the legions. Three were sent riseward, to Elenium? and New Garris. The Fourteenth Legion is stationed at a fort on a major roadway about four days’ journey setward of the river. The Fifteenth Legion is in Elenium. We of The Sixteenth Legion make our home in New Garris, the only Valon military presence on the riseward banks of the Lehr River.

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