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Savage Mojo

     Savage Mojo Ltd (external link) is an English-registered company that acts as the place where all the official paperwork gets done for anything to do with roleplaying games development as well as other creative endeavors. We have plans for Brainradio (external link), for instance, though we're focusing on Suzerain right now.

     Having a company helps us deal with the tax man, the registrar of businesses, and other officials in the cheapest possible way, which means we can return as much money as possible to the people who are creating all the wonderful content. We're a collective of writers, illustrators, editors, designers and other artists, trying to earn enough to pay the rent and feed our children while working in an environment where we're respected and can create the most outstanding art and entertainment for you.

     If you approve of what we're doing, please visit the shop (external link) and buy a few things. Apart from a small amount for administration and marketing, all the money goes back to those who are giving you pleasure. We're not asking for donations or handouts, but a purchase or two goes a long way.

     If you're interested in joining the core Savage Mojo family, because you're already a creative professional or because you'd like to learn and break into the industry (or just because you'd like to volunteer some time to help spread the word), then please email me at: mmk <at sign> suzerain.info to talk about the options.

You can also get our newsletter, Mojo Matters, delivered to your inbox  (external link)usually once a month.

     Happy Suzeraining!

     Miles M Kantir
     Suzerain Lead Developer
     Savage Mojo


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