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Von Beurig's Stiletto

The Stiletto of Otto Von Beurig
     Otto Von Beurig was a nobleman of the Lucen-Harburg empire in the Elements realm of Untamed Empires. Count Von Beurig lived from Yr104 to Yr131, and was a Lucen nobleman during the war that united the Lucen and Harburg bloodlines into one empire, which became the fourth of the Celestium Empires.

Defeating Schwartzwolke

     Von Beurig was an accomplished swordsman, known for his use of a fencing weapon in one hand and a thrusting dagger in the other. Taking a design from Varlinian swordsmiths, he commissioned a fine-bladed stiletto, which remained at his side. While Von Beurig’s light weapons were not in fashion at that time in the New World, his results were undeniable. He accounted for over twenty noblemen in his short lifetime, including Harburg general Karel Schwartzwolke, celebrated veteran of three military campaigns.

     Von Beurig and Schwartzwolke clashed on the battlefield at the Battle of Kesselwald, which had descended into a series of large-scale skirmishes through woods and small settlements. Schwartzwolke held the upper hand in the early stages of their clash, but Von Beurig slowly repositioned so that they were fighting in a small corpse of trees. There, Schwartzwolke’s huge zweihander sword was more difficult to maneuver. The powerful Schwartzwolke still held the advantage and smashed Count Von Beurig’s sword, leaving him with just his stiletto against the mighty two-handed sword of his opponent.

     Unflustered, as Schwartzwolke advanced for the kill, the Count switched the slender knife to his other hand and hurled it with perfect precision, piercing his opponent’s throat and killing him outright. News of the Count’s victory spread and was singularly responsible for a reassessment in light arms melee combat. The Varlinian swordsmiths took up the design of a perfectly weighted stiletto that could be thrown or used for stabbing, and it became a common weapon in the decades that followed.

As for the zweihander, its usage declined over the same period, and was rarely seen on the battlefield by Yr208.

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