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World According To Estev Brass-Ear

     Welcome to my world. I’m your humble quartermaster and I’ll be taking you through the basics of life around here. Where’s here? The Guardians chapterhouse in New Garris, on the Great Expanse which is part of Austeria.

     Austeria is the main continent of the Relic setting and it’s a big place. How’s about we start with some history, a little geography, and maybe do a little people watching as we go?

     I’ll start with how Austeria came to exist, which is a bunch of old legends. In the time before time itself, legend tells of a paradise. Humanity stretched from one shore to another, until the coming of Austra, the fire goddess, to the great mountain of the gods. How Austra came to exist kind of depends on your religion. What happened next kind of depends on your religion. In fact, most of history before the War of the Wild depends on your religion.

     It'll help you to know about Relics and Ages, the Great Expanse, Third Age Cultures, and Races In Relic.

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